Marine Accessories: Cheapest Isn’t Often Best

If you’re an avid boater, then you know that it can be an expensive hobby. Not only do boats costs tens of thousands of dollars, but you also have to consider all of the equipment costs too. For some people, paying out wads of wash for accessories is a pill too difficult to swallow, and [...]


5 Things about Inflatable Life Jackets You May Not Know

Here’s a grim statistic for you. In 2017, the Coast Guard’s annual report revealed that there were 658 deaths due to recreational boating accidents. Of these deaths, 76% drowned and 84% were not wearing life jackets. Inflatable life jackets, also known as personal flotation devices have been around for years. Indeed, the first ever life [...]


How Marine Supplies Have Changed With Technology

During the last fifty years, technology has drastically improved marine supplies in many different ways. Sailing on the open waves is safer than it ever way in the past thanks to these innovations and boat owners no longer have to work as hard as they once did. Considering that, this article will draw your attention [...]


Crab Season

Crab season is upon us and there are crab pots and then there are crab pots! Depending on what type of crab you want to catch will determine the crab pot set up you need. Using the right crab pot will increase your performance rate and its ability to retain. Spanner Crabs: **Spanner Crabs throughout [...]