There are many different kinds of boat anchors for sale for you to consider, offering specific benefits of use. If you’re in need of a new anchor, then deciding which will work best for you is imperative. To help you with this task, below is a comprehensive list of all the anchors that you might want to consider– use it to help you make the most informed choice possible.

Folding Boat Anchors

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Folding anchors are the perfect choice if your vessel is on the small side; as the name suggests, they fold up neatly when not in use, helping to maximize space on board. Folding anchors are available in the following weights:




Despite their relatively small size, folding anchors are powerful, and they are more than capable of keeping you firmly rooted in place.

Grapple Hook Anchors

Grapple hooks are most commonly used on land, but they can be effective anchors for small vessels in gentle tides. They are most commonly used when boats are being moored, helping to establish a firm hold to the land.

Manson Anchors

boating equipmentThere are two specific types of Manson anchors you’ll want to consider:

  1. Manson Boss anchors are heavy-duty anchors that are designed to operate in all sea beds and weather conditions. The Boss uses dual modes of operation in one slotted shank, allowing for extra stability. The shank of the Boss is particularly engineered with powerboat bow roller conformity.
  2. Manson Plough anchors are an excellent choice for sea beds, weeds, and mud. They are designed to hold firm even if the current shifts or the wind changes, ensuring that you can establish a hold even in the most adverse weather conditions. Plough anchors are certified to Lloyd’s Register as a High Holding Power anchor.

Mooloolaba Picks

Mooloolaba picks make for fantastic anchors when attempting to set to reef or rubble beds. They are specially engineered for easy retrieval while still holding firm when in use. Sizes available vary from 4lbs to 30lb, so you shouldn’t have problems finding one to suit your vessel’s size.

Boat Anchors for Sale

Reef Anchor 4 Prongs

As the name makes clear: this is an anchor designed for setting to reefs, and features a four-prong design. This anchor will hold you where you need to be, while being especially designed to bend if snagged– you’ll be able to bend the prongs back into place when back on board. It is usually available in sizes between 6mm and 12mm.

boating anchorsRochna Anchors

Rochna anchors are a fantastic choice with a number of different benefits to crafts of varying sizes. A roll bar is included to ensure penetration into the sea bed, the concave blade provides extraordinary holding power, while the setting skids carefully direct the tip to ensure the most secure set possible. Available in weights between 4 and 25kg, Rochna anchors will never let you down.

Sand Anchors

Sand anchors are best used on mud, gravel, and, of course, sand. Not only do these anchors provide a safe set in difficult conditions, but they also fold flat for optimal storage. Sand anchors are available in weights between 4.54 and 15.9kg, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

In conclusion

There are a variety of different boat anchors for sale to choose from, depending on the size of your vessel and the type of material you will be setting sail in. Hopefully the above information can help guide you towards an anchor that works for you!


Grappling Hook

Manson Anchors

Mooloolaba Pick

Reef Anchor 4 Prong



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